High Capacity LED Kit

Emergency Conversion Equipment

LED Emergency Conversion Kit consisting of module, battery and a green charge LED for the conversion of LED luminaires to operate in emergency mode.

  • Will operate between 1 and 9 one watt or 1 to 3 three watt Luxeon constant current loads, or similar
  • Can be wired as maintained or non-maintained
  • Kit consists of module/charger, battery set, and green charge LED
  • Supplied with either Ni-Cd nickel cadmium batteries, Ni-Mh nickel metal hydride batteries available as an option.
  • Supplied complete with Ni-Cd nickel cadmium batteries or Ni-Mh nickel metal hydride batteries
  • Constant current LED emergency module
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Three hour duration in emergency mode
  • Recharge period 24 hours

High Capacity LED Conversion Kit