Emergency Systems

AC/DC Slave Inverters

For use with a central battery system

AC/DC Slave Inverters are for the conversion of fluorescent luminaires to operate in emergency mode when powered by a central battery system.

In non-maintained systems the central battery system is activated only on a mains failure. The lamp is not normally lit and will only operate when the power fails.

In maintained change over systems, the lamp is normally running from mains control gear but will change over to the inverter on mains failure. The inverter has a mains sensor which switches it over to the AC or DC supply from the central battery in the case of a mains failure.

  • Extensive range of inverters for compact fluorescent, T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes
  • 12, 24, 50, 100 volts for either AC or DC supply and 240 volt AC types are available
  • All inverters are CE marked and comply fully with the requirements of the LVD and EMC directives

AC/DC inverters are operated from a central battery system at a selected voltage and fall into three basic types:

  • Maintained or Non-Maintained

ACDC Slave Inverters