Emergency Systems

Centralised Emergency Power Supply Systems

Product Description

A centralised power supply system provides continuous AC power in the event of a mains failure. The principle benefit being cost saving dependant upon size of installation and ease of maintenance.

Applications - Designed specically to support:

Emergency lighting applications
Automatic fire detection
Emergency detection systems
Smoke extraction equipment
Carbon monoxide detection systems
Specific safety installations in sensitive areas

Product Features

  • Available from 3Kva - 200Kva single and three phase
  • Output voltages 12/24/50/110/240
  • Maintained or Non-Maintained options
  • True online double conversion (VFI-SS-111)
  • Complies to EN50171
  • Standard 10 year life batteries - (VRLA 9valve regulated lead acid)
  • Battery back up available from 1 - 4 hours
  • Automatic battery testing
  • Designed for a long and trouble free service life
  • All systems incorporate a comprehensive monitoring and status display
  • Low maintenance cost

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