Emergency Systems

Centralised Emergency Monitoring System

Product Description

Centralised Emergency Monitoring System provides programmed evaluation of emergency luminaire performance.


Improved system integrity and safety levels, together with programmed emergency testing to meet statutory requirements this significantly reduces labour costs and site interruptions or inconvenience and resolves access issues, statutory test results can be centrally stored on a PC or hard copy.


Significant Emergency lighting applications such as:
Industrial complexes

Product Features

  • Can monitor 996 maintained or non-maintained emergency luminaires. Extra control panels can be linked to increase capacity
  • Three year panel warranty
  • Luminaires monitored for-mains present-battery charging-battery condition-battery duration-lamp and control gear functioning correctly-light output level
  • Fully programmable from either the control panel LCD or via a PC
  • Will automatically test each luminaire 10 minutes every month and three hours every year
  • Test results can be printed via a simple plug in printer, stored on PC hard disc or printed via PC
  • Simple user friendly Microsoft Windows (98, ME, 2000, XP & Vista 32) based PC software
  • Each luminaire individually addressable
  • The control panel can be accessed remotely via phone line to set up, modify programme schedule, or download test results
  • Integral battery back-up for full operation in a power fail mode
  • On site commissioning
  • ICEL-1004 approved for light fitting conversion
  • Designed to satisfy the requirement of BS5266 part 1 and EN50172 emergency lighting standard
  • Manufacture is ISO 9001 accredited by British Standards Institute

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Monitoring System




Data communication via simple to wire reliable twisted pair with screen

Factory Fitted Luminaire Sensor


Project Evaluation

Escapezone Ltd offer free site/project review and will be happy to assist in determining the correct system specification and luminaire compatibilit